Camp: July 7th - 10th 2022

After a long hiatus, we are glad to announce that Living Waters Family Camp will resume this summer. We hope you'll be able to join us! Please register by June 23rd to guarantee your spot!

Living Waters Family Camp

About Camp!

Living Waters includes an ever popular 50 foot Slip N’ Slide!

There are daily worship services and doctrinal discussions as well as a Holy Supper service.

Living Waters is a family friendly environment where people from 0-100 interact with each other everyday while learning about the Word.

Pricing and Accommodations

Pricing Structure

$160 for members 26+
$80 for member 15-25
$40 for members 2-14
Free for ages 0-1

All costs are capped at $400!

  • Directors Cabin: 2 Bedrooms + Bathroom & Kitchen, Diningroom & Livingroom:   1)Queen   2)Bunk Beds (Single on top and Double on the bottom)
  • Infirmary: Queen + Bathroom
  • Cooks Cabin:  
    1) Queen  
    2) Queen + Single
  • 7 Cabins: 12 Singles Each
  • Motel:
    Room #1) Queen
    Room #2) 2 Singles
    Room #3) Queen with couch
    Room #4) Queen
    Room #5) Queen
  • Tents or Trailers: As many as can fit!

Contact Information:

Phone: 519-748-5802


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